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About Us

In the heart of Dubrovniks' old city, you will find the best take out restaurant in town. With our various offer, a person just can't pass us by, without tasting a bit of our food. The huge PIZZA CUT will be enough to ease your hunger and make you ready for sightseeing around the town. Be careful with our SANDWICHES, because of their size you won't eat them, they will eat you! But, if you want some strength, want a decent peace of meat, if you have a hunger of an lion, then our KEBAB is the real deal for you. CHEESEBURGER, HAMBURGER... we make them, we gill them, so you could take them. Feel the juicy taste of meat while you walk around the walls thinking, this just can't get any better. But it can, with our most popular product with a special shape. FRY'N'DIP, because of that shape you can enjoy more easily our dips.

They are very long pieces of potato and have so called sugar ends that way these potatoes are perfectly crunchy but at the same time very tasty and soft in the middle. Simply perfect combination. Like the fries? Then taste them with some crunchy CHICKEN NUGGETS. Choose between small and big portion of tasty potatoes with famous nuggets made out of high quality meat.  A SALAD on the side, and your favourite soft drink, you will think "This was very good" and, it is because TUTTO BENE knows only the best for it's customers!